Love yourself be yourself

“Am the one who define myself, that doesn’t make me selfish, that’s selflove”

Their are times people often want to be in other peoplee shoes, mainly for their appearance, money, love life and other. Here is one question that you should ask yourself, Is it hard to accept who you are and what you have?. The answer should be easy, NO, It should not, the person we are is who we are meant to be and we got to embrace and love it.

People have a hard time defining who they are, it’s should be easy but it’s not. We got to know who we are in order to love ourselves. In order to Loveyourself you got to be yourself, not a shell of who you are, but your true self, often people portrait what other want them to be not their true unique self, just to apiece others, it doesn’t matter how often you consider other feelings before your own you will always be lacking.

Start loving yourself by separating the assumptions you have developed about who you needed to be in order to be loved and regarded, by starting with this you will separate all the falseness you have been surrounded and the love you have shown others. You will also discover that what you have done was hard work not for you, but for others, also the lost of self-respect to yourself because you weren’t able to be yourself.

Been oneself is difficult, we live with assumptions and trying to fit in people expectations but not our own. We live in a world where perfection is the key to success and beauty, trends, lifestyle play a key role, so, How can I be myself if I have to follow trends?, the answer is that you don’t have too, if you don’t like something, it’s not you, be yourself that’s the key to be happy, be someone who make You happy.

Should a boyfriend help his partner financially?.

Dating is wonderful, the dates nights, picnic, text messages, calls, flowers and all, what happen when you are in financial crisis, Should he help me financially until am on my feet for starter the main question one should ask them self,  Is it okay to ask your boyfriend for money if you don’t have a job and you don’t have any money to support yourself ?.

The real answer is No you shouldn’t ask him for financial help, here is why, he is your boyfriend he can deduct that you are in need of help, that your situation have change, If you have or don’t have a job.

So many will say he is not your Husband or even he may say you are not his wife, so why should he? Maybe because he care for you, that you wouldn’t have ask him if you had a job, many things can be taken into consideration. He may not be my husband or a prospective hubby but, if he does help it shows that he is considerate and generous. Yes no girl should ask their boyfriends for money (financial help) it’s much easy if she is independent and doesn’t have to rely on others. It’s easy said than done, “Go find a job”.

A keeper

A guy who know when a girl is in need and help without been ask is a Keeper, yes it hard to accept help but in times when you need you need. He may help me now tomorrow who knows maybe I may turn the table around, it’s been kind and generous, it’s not by any norms measuring his wallet, its by his action, action speak louder than Words.


Relationship is a partnership, in every partnership no one want to spend more than the other making it balance. But here is the aspect that a relationship is not a cooperative business, a relationship you need someone you could rely on, trust, love, believe in. In the first sign of trouble the guy just up and leave because you no longer have a job to support yourself and he don’t want thatt burden, with that action he is telling you everything. Believe it or not but every person need someone who they can rely on in the bad and the good. This may sound harsh but in a relationship things goes 50/50 showing support is a plus, so if you want to be treated as a Queen treat him like a King, reciprocate is a way of showing that you value the effort.

Help for Joy Not duty

If you are able to help your partner (Girlfriend) then do it, don’t do it for duty with a hard heart, do it because you at able to and it make you happy to do so, not by any means an obligation.

Trying to be someone “Everything”

For starter in a relationship it’s two people, not One, we all want to be in love and be love, if you are the one trying to recreate the famous phrase” You are my Everything”, please stop. When we use that’s phrase you give your partner power over yourself, but it’s also come to a point that you have to ask yourself, Is my partner all I need?, remember, Everything.

Having a partner is having an equal, someone who respect you and know your needs just as you know their, there is something to say about making someone your everything, everything resonate around that person, let me give you a little advice here, you got to make relationships outside of your relationship, know more people, make friends, rely on family, all those are relationships your Everything is not one person. Your partner had a life before you came in, been such you should give your partner space to have other relationships.

Love is something many wants, it’s something wonderful and rare that many don’t find, so when you find it, don’t forget about yourself and put your partner first and above all else, forgetting your needs and wants. A good communication is essential, sharing what your desire and you expect key for a good relationship, again don’t put someone your everything, consider what does that mean when you say “You are my Everything“, you need to be yourself around your partner, not trying to be what they expect and want, if it’s so ask yourself, What about me?Am I this person or the person my partner wants me to be?. If you ask yourself these questions other questions will arise.

Your everything comes with trust, trust in yourself, your everything is self-love, love yourself and know your worth.

Become more than the words thrown in your face

Am more than words, am who I choose to be, not what people say am supposed to be or the image of what I will become”

I have use this phrase many times as a encouragement to other and myself, I created it for me as a reminder and a self motivational that is I,me who can choose my own path, rather good or bad, the choice is in my hand.

Many times our own behavior is what seal the way people portrait us, one mishap change the way people look at us and their own behavior change towards us.

You are more than words more than what people think you may be, more than what your family expect you to be, more than the life of the party, more than a C grade.

Never downgrade a person because of who they are or where they comes from. People become more than their circumstances they become the person they fight to be, don’t ever tell someone that they are never going to achieve their goals, better yet tell them keep trying, giving a helping is better than saying “he/she will not amount to nothing”.

Lime a natural remedy for acne and blackspots

Lime is a source of vitamin C, some of you all may know few of its benefits of this citrus fruits, thats is great for taking care of your skin so let me tell you one that I have use time and time again.

For one its great for blackspot cause by acne , the reason why because lime is acidic so by applying it to your face it kills bacteria right away and lighting darkspots on your face, thats is one of the reasons I have use lime on my face, it also leave it smooth and a soft feeling and help with acne, here is what you need to use:

Cut a lime and use one slice of it, use the slice and squeeze it in a bowl.

Remember clean your face before applying the lime on your face, this is essential because it will make much better effect on a ckean face

Use a cotton ball and soak it the lime juice if you don’t have cotton ball use the tip of your finger and apply the lime juice to your face in circular motion or however you decide. Leave this for five to ten minutes, if you feel irritation wash your face right away, some of you may have sensitive skin and lime can causes burn.

Afterwards wash your face with cool water, wipe your face with a clean towel you will notice a small difference on your face either brighter coloring skin or smother. After this process you have to choose your moisturizer to have your skin glowing and smooth. The reason I use a moisturizer after drying my face is because lime can dry your skin. In a later post I will introduce you to a natural way to make moisturizer at your home in simple easy steps.